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Mould Maker China

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Creative Innovation Co., Ltd is a plastic mould maker China, focus on plastic injection mould manufacturing, offer Short Lead Time, Cost Efficient and Flexible Payment, in order to Increase your Competitive in mould market. We have been committed to all kinds of high-quality mould R&D and making, including double color mould, home appliance mould etc.

As a bespoke injection mould maker china, we enjoy the ability to work in a wide and varied selection of industries. We manufacture plastic moulds to the highest quality as efficiently as possible, ensuring our customers receive the very best service and product fulfillment beyond that of any competitor.

We have 12 designers, there have more than 8 years design experience in plastic injection mould. Our designers and engineers can provide customers with professional technical Support.

You will get good quality & price for:

1. Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturing

2. High Precision Machining

3. Custom Injection Moulding


You will get more competitive by:

1. Fast mold design, short delivery time

2. For mould, we require 40% deposit after confirm the order, 30%after sample delivery, 30% after mould approval before shipment.

3. Ensure the mould lead time and quality, we have a strict quality control system. It includes incoming quality check, in-process quality control, and tool buy-off quality assurance.

We work closely with you from start to finish of each project. Once a week, will update the project status to customer with photos and detailed time planning. We have good after-sales service, and we can provide spare parts for easy-breaking components. we are now searching for some mould shops as our partner to handle the mould issues and offer technical support for the customer after mould arrival.

Our team has a lot of industry knowledge and technical expertise. While experience is important, so too is the desire to improve our skills and continually advance. We work hard to stay current with cutting-edge industry methods and materials. Both our company and our clients benefit from working with knowledgeable people that make a committed effort not only to stay current, but to advance.

Our main markets are Aisa, Europe and USA.

Asian: Keter plastic Ltd, the biggest company for plastic parts innovation and manufacturing.

Europe: Germany: AMOR Gummiwaren GmbH who make adult products.

USA: Crossman, the company that design and manufacture imitation guns.

To be the priority mould maker china, we are working hard. When you hand to mould making to us, you’re getting a mould with a solid reputation behind it.

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