Plastic Injection Molding Service

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When you need a plastic injection molding service, Creative Innovation Co.,Ltd is your best choice.

Creative Innovation Co.,Ltd is a well-known company specializing in the development and production of high precision plastic injection molds, based on DME and HASCO standard. Our business covers Automotive, Electronic, Home Appliance, Medical, Commodity etc. Products can reach environmental requirements of European and American countries, and more than 80% of our molds and products have been exported to around the world.

Creative Innovation provide a plastic injection molding service with an on-site fully equipped, high-efficiency tool room which helps to reduce transportation costs and lead times. We have a sophisticated production and auxiliary equipment, professional injection molding, engineering and technical personnel, perfect 5S workshop management system.

12 excellent and well experienced designers, 35 technicians, quality and mangers work closely together, our team could help to design products, while considering tool manufacturing, material selection, and part manufacturing to help control costs and prevent problems. For each project, individual research and developing analysis will be provided by our mold design team and mold production department. It includes the runner design, gating location, ejection pin’s location, parting line position, ejection method, shrinkage issue, flow mark problem, cooling layout, etc. Through this analysis, we can ensure the product can meet the customer’s requirements properly, so that the part will be mass-produced over and over again. It also can provide customers DFM (Design for Manufacturability) reports. In this case, customers can fully understand the manufacturability of product design.

Let’s overview our tool shop and equipment.

10 units high speed CNC machine from Japan and TAIWAN, the maximum speed can reach 30,000rpm, and the maximum working plate is 2600X1800mm.

4 sets of double-head EDM machine can be worked for mirror surface steel, using graphite to process deep ribs and shortening manufacture cycle. Biggest the largest working plate is 2500x1500mm.

35 assembly workers with more than 8 years export mold experience.

14 sets with robot injection machines, the maximum of size is 480ton.

Based on our team and equipment, we could help you design products, while considering tool manufacturing, material selection, and parts manufacturing to help control costs and prevent problems before they occur.

If you need plastic injection molding service, please feel free to contact us or you may visit our website, we look forward to starting to help your company make more money from our products. Please keep in touch.


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