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Plastic Molding Supplier

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Creative innovation is a professional plastic molding supplier in China. Founded in 2007, equipping with large CNC center, double heads EDM, and plastic injection machines from 80 ton to 480 ton, big mold can be made up to 2000mm with tolerancing in 0.005mm.

we are a professional plastic molding supplier with an experienced engineering team making custom products according to clients' drawings. If you don't have any drawing, you can send us your sample, we will scan it and make 3D drawing firstly, then make sample for you, you are welcome to send us trial order to test our quality and service.

Our product features and advantages are as below.

1.Precise size, smooth surface, reasonable structure.

2.High production efficiency, easy automation.

3.Easy manufacture, high life and competitive cost.

4.According to different design, different materials for custom.

5.Production of fine, quality assurance, reasonable price.

Nowadays, the products made by creative innovation plastic molding supplier is widely applied for Family smart furniture, automobile parts, medical devices, IT products, precision instruments, scientific and educational products, communication products and so on.

As professional plastic molding supplier, we always provide high quality service and one to one solution for our customers. We sincerely want to supply you high quality products and perfect service based on our most efficient management and professional work teams. We thank you for your coming and look forward to your inquiry in soon.


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